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Walter Ellis, President/Chief Executive Officer

Walter Ellis contributes an extraordinary wealth of experience as an entrepreneur, a former police officer and security specialist, as well as a successful truck/auto transport operator. He has become quintessentially suited to identify and address the key elements required to develop and nurture community-based development efforts, and is particularly compassionate and aware of the needs of and challenges faced by minorities seeking loans from financial institutions.

Mr. Ellis has spent 30 years owning trucks and training drivers. He founded the United Affirmative Action Development (UAAD) Corporation, to address red-lining in the banking industry. Mr. Ellis also contracted an agreement with Premier Bank, now known as Bank One/Chase, under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 and assisted in the negotiation of several contracts with projects in Grambling and New Orleans, Louisiana.


Dr. Alfred Graham, Chairman of the Board
Dr. Raymond Lockett, Board Member
Dr. Charles Smith, Acting Board Member
J.C. Davis, Acting Board Member
Andrew Bryant, Acting Board Member
Walter Searcy, Consultant
Nolan Lockett, Consultant