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UAAD Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the UAAD Corporation is to serve as the locus of convergent community services and resources, translating them into a comprehensive effort designed to improve the financial status of low and moderate-income individuals. Our initial efforts will focus on becoming the premier broker of low interest loans, and as a gateway through which under-served communities can access banking services. UAAD is dedicated to building long-term relationships with financial institutions and developing synergies between them and our communities.  UAAD wants to be recognized as the leader in providing such services. 

UAAD works with each participating bank in advancing programs that will benefit it and our clients.  The aim of UAAD is to assist our members in advancing financially and in all other manners.  UAAD clients have too long been under-served and denied equal opportunity to participate in our economy. By joining together, putting our assets into “one” particular bank, we can allow our members a coalition wherein each respective voice is a significant one.

Millions and eventually billions of dollars will be deposited in participating banks as a result of our collaborative effort.  Deposits provide depositors clout.  The UAAD team is formidable.  Our ability to recruit and marshal groups of ready, willing, and able depositors is well established.  Our advocacy on behalf of these depositors is proven effective.  Our staff of professionals delivers for both the community and the institution.